NCT CBRNe USA Call for Papers


The Scientific Advisory Board of the NCT CBRNe USA Conference in Washington DC, and IB Consultancy are proud to present you with the topics for the Call for Papers for the 2015 edition of NCT CBRNe USA.
Authors are invited to submit an abstract of their paper according the specifications. Papers should address one or more of the topics listed below. The selected papers will be presented at the NCT CBRNe USA Conference Innovation Stream, or will be selected for the Poster Presentations. A total of 24 papers will be selected for presentation in the Innovation Stream, while another 24 papers will be selected for presentation as a poster presentation.

The topics for the call for papers, selected by the Scientific Board are:

  1. Countering WMD Proliferation and CBRN Terrorism
  2. Detecting and interdicting the illicit trafficking of CBRN weapons and materials
  3. Psychological and societal effect of CBRN events
  4. The effects of emerging technology on the threat of CBRN attacks
  5. Development of new technologies and products for personal protection
  6. New approaches in Training, Simulation and experiences from lessons learned from (international) exercises and simulations;
  7. Global Health Security Agenda
  8. The role of the non-professional in CBRNe Defense

Details on the topics can be found on


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