NCT CBRNe USA Paper: ISIS Confirmed for CBRNE Acquisition and Proliferation


A paper by Zamawang Almemar, U.S. Department of Defense


With the world watching, ISIS used and deployed chemical weapons in the towns of Makhmour, Iraq and Aleppo and Hasaka, Syria in 2014. After gaining vast amounts of territory in Iraq and Syria and taking over key chemical facilities still littered with remnants of war, ISIS was able to gain access to the material necessary to fill warheads to build these chemical weapons. Recent developments now suggest that ISIS is also making its own chemicals from raw material, as confirmed by the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, at a Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing. The abundance of funding and raw material, combined with the knowledge and know-how from foreign recruited experts gives ISIS the upper hand and advantage in this unconventional warfare. CBRNE Terrorism and Proliferation violates the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) by the OPCW and thus the international community should respond with severe punishment and diminish the terrorist group’s capability and access to these chemical raw materials and chemical weapons. This effort should start by close collaboration and cooperation with forces on the ground that are in direct line of these chemical attacks.

Please access the Full Paper by clicking on the following link: Zamawang Almemar – ISIS Confirmed for CBRNE Acquisition and Proliferation

The Full Paper will be presented by Zamawang Almemar during the Innovation Stream of NCT CBRNe USA, taking place 31 May – 2 June in Washington DC.

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