A paper by Gary Alan Flory, Agricultural Program Manager Organization, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, USA


The threat of agroterrorism and naturally occurring disease outbreaks in the United States continues to expand as new diseases emerge and existing diseases become endemic in many parts of the world. This paper and the associated presentation at NCT CBRNe US 2016 will discusses the risk of an agroterrorism attack, steps to safeguard the food supply, strategies for controlling disease outbreaks and the significance of the human/animal interface.

Please access the Full Paper by clicking on the following link:Gary Alan Flory – The Threat of Agroterrorism and Zoonotic Diseases in the United States

The Full Paper by Gary Alan Flory will be presented during the Innovation Stream of NCT CBRNe USA, taking place 31 May – 2 June in Washington DC.

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