NCT Europe 2018: Joining forces in the CBRNe field


Last month the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands’ National Training Center (NTC) was home to the 35th edition of the NCT event series, NCT Europe 2018. The three-day event took place in Vught, The Netherlands, from the 3rd to the 5th of July and was organized by the CBRNe Society and IB Consultancy in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Once again, the CBRNe Society had the great pleasure of welcoming close to 300 new and loyal delegates, speakers and exhibitors from Europe, the USA, Middle East, Asia and South America. First responders, decision-makers, military personnel, and industry representatives had the opportunity to join discussions and networking groups to improve international CBRNe defense and response, as well as to contribute to our global security. Continue reading.