NCT PRO: Realistic CBRNe, C-IED, EOD & Demining Training


What started off as a brainstorming session on the patio over at our previous office space, has developed in to quite a success story thus far.

CBRNe and explosive training events are common practice globally, whether they are carried out by inter-governmental alliances, local responders themselves or by private entities. With this in mind, we analyzed a gap in the current status quo with regards to these sorts of trainings. Commonly, they are held at the national or local level, which can be a strain on resources, efficiency and lack a consistent, coordinated effort amongst NATO members. If there were to be such a large scale CBRNe event requiring the support and response of multiple nations, then how efficient would it be and what setbacks could be expected? Are national responders sufficiently trained to communicate and coordinate responses often requiring the need to overcome linguistic and operational barriers? 

Having analyzed the training programs currently in place around the globe, …

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