With its new Cage Module System, Kärcher Futuretech is extending its existing range to include a modular decontamination system. The flexible configuration of individual modules known as cages allows this new system to be deployed in line with changing demands. The modules can be simply mixed and matched, offering space for whichever devices, chemicals or accessories as the scenario requires. Thanks to the use of an internally developed fixing system, the modules can be quickly and securely fixed together and onto a platform.

The system encompasses a variety of elements for the decontamination of items such as vehicles, road sections, interior spaces or individuals. A generator module is also provided for an independent power supply. Another unit is used as a water tank with a volume of around 1,500 litres. Standardized, simple controls ensure the utmost operating simplicity, while a central power connection also allows the operating output of the individual modules to be registered. The frames of the compact cage are made of aluminium, and their lightweight design even makes the system suitable for air transportation.

The system can be based either on a 10 or a 20 foot transport platform. Using the newly developed fastening concept, the modules can be quickly and simply linked together and fastened onto the platform, which can be mounted on different vehicles for optimum mobility. Fastening on the carrier vehicle is carried out using the internationally standardized twist lock system for the connection of containers.

Karcher 1The individual cages can be fitted as required with devices, chemicals or accessories, making the system highly flexible and suitable for different scenarios.





Karcher 2A standard 20 foot transport platform provides the basis for the system.





Karcher 3Thanks to its modular structure, the system can be individually configured as required.

Cage-based decontamination system
Individual cage dimensions (L x W x H) 2000 x 930 x 1576 mm
Empty weight (frame) appr. 120 kg
Water cage dimensions (L x W x H) 664 x 2000 x 1880 mm
Water cage volume appr. 1500 l