The ChemPro100i allows one to sniff for more unknown gases and vapors than any other sniffing product and it can classify and identify many gases and vapors including Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and common Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) including ammonia and chlorine.  The ChemPro100i has the versatility to be used for a wide variety of gas/vapor detection applications including:  HazMat, Clan Lab interdictions, firefighting Overhaul activities and responses to irritants like mace and pepper spray. The ChemPro100i offers a number of use specific “libraries” providing it with the specificities unique to each one of these applications. Roughly once a year Environics USA releases an upgrade to the ChemPro100i libraries.  As part of our 5-year extended warranty we provide library upgrades FREE OF CHARGE to ChemPro100i customers. Our newly released library demonstrates how Environics USA is constantly improving the ChemPro100i without additional cost to our customers.  The current improvements to the ChemPro100i include:

•             Characterize more vapors:  the “Irritant” library adds the ability to detect CN (Mace/Tear gas) and CS (o-chlorobenzylidene)

•             Increased sensitivity:  the limits of identification for common chemicals like ammonia and chlorine have decreased to make the ChemPro100i much more responsive to these chemicals

•             “Automatic Gear Shift” meaning less need to shift between libraries, making the ChemPro100i easier to use

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