New decontamination system DSSM from Kärcher Futuretech – Safe equipment decontamination


Kärcher Futuretech has developed a new decontamination system for items of equipment. The DSSM (Decontamination System for Sensitive Material) is up and ready to operate within less than an hour following an atomic, biological or chemical incident. It comprises two modules, each capable of independent operation, which can be used to decontaminate both hardwearing items of equipment and also sensitive material such as electronic devices.

The system comprises two container modules: the CPE (Container Personal Equipment) and CSE (Container Sensitive Equipment), which are deployed depending on the equipment material and type of contamination involved. In the CPE unit, biological and chemical decontamination of thermally resistant objects is performed using the hot gas or hot steam method. Wet chemical treatment of moisture-resistant A, B and C-contaminated materials is also possible. Sensitive optical and electronic devices are treated in the CSE module in two vacuum chambers following a B or C incident.

The system is designed for particularly rapid deployment: Trained users are capable of erecting and commissioning the decontamination station in response to an emergency within just 15 minutes. The standardized size (each module is a 10 ft ISO container) also ensures extreme ease of mobility, facilitating simple transportation of the containers by land, sea or air.

cse module

Decontamination System for Sensitive Material DSSM
Components 20-foot base platform
Components Decontamination module CSE
Components Decontamination module CPE
Dimensions (l x w x h) 6058 x 2438 x 2438 mm
Empty weight appr. 9490 kg
Filled weight appr. 10140 kg


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