• The purpose made design means you can be reassured the product you are using is up to the task, and will sustain continued use in C-IED scenarios.
  • The lightweight pole and dedicated pouch keep the weight you must carry to a minimum.
  • The quick release pole clamps stainless steel hook means you can deploy quickly, and adjust to suit your environment.
  • The system is strong and easy to use, and can be used in a range of environments, meaning you can use it wherever a command wire may be suspected, be it sand, grass, gravel or water.
  • The glass fibre allows the pole to be electrically isolated, offering additional safety in difficult situation.


IMG_2608The NIC drag hook command wire finder is a purpose made device used to search for buried command wire initiated IEDs. It is used to drag through a range of environments, from long grass, to stones and sand, to riverbeds, and compacted ground and paths. Once found, render safe procedures may be carried out to secure the device. Command wires are being used increasing more, due to their ease of manufacture and deployment, reliability, and ease of concealment and initiation. Improved ECM systems are also improving the defeat of RF initiated devices. A lightweight, rigid, electrically insulated telescopic pole provides strength and durability. The pole features quick release locks that allow adjustment of the overall pole length. A quick release stainless steel pronged hook can be dragged rigorously though terrain, can be used to penetrate the ground, and can sustain continued use in C-IED scenarios. The kit comes packed in a lightweight Cordura carrying bag with shoulder strap for ease of transportation, and can be assembled and disassembled in seconds. It is available with 2 or 3 pronged hooks.

For more information, please check NIC Instruments Limited’s website.