National Nuclear Security Administration- NNSA’s Second Line of Defense (SLD) was awarded the 2013 Non-Conventional Threat (NCT): CBRNe Capability Award. This award is one of several given annually by IB Consultancy (IBC), a company that provides defence and security services and organizes related events worldwide to connect businesses, governments, NGOs and subject matter experts. The CBRNe Capability Award is given to a country or organization for improving its conventional, biological, radiological and nuclear explosives (CBRNe) capability, or for initiating or executing a capability development program that impacts another country or organization.

Some of the criteria for the award include proven end-user benefit; lasting impact on the CBRNe capability of a country, region or group of countries; and proven efficiency with regards to cost and avoiding duplication with other forms of assistance and/or development. Also nominated for the award were programs from the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). SLD’s capacity-building work in the area of nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear security was selected as the winner for the award in September 2013.

NNSA’s SLD program works to strengthen the capabilities of partner countries to combat the illicit trafficking of special nuclear and other radiological materials at international border crossings and checkpoints. SLD accomplishes its mission by providing partner countries with radiation detection equipment, communications systems and training that will enable them to respond effectively to radiation alarms. The program also provides partners with support to further develop their capability to operate and maintain these detections systems over the long-term. To date, SLD has equipped 500 sites in more than 50 countries with radiation detection equipment.

See also the website of the NNSA and the video registration of the NCT CBRNe Awards Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.