Abstract: The future war scenario is based on use and applications of various conventional and non-convectional agents which includes weaponised or non-weaponised chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN), toxic industrial materials, direct energy devices/ weapons, and or high yield explosives. These include nerve agents, blood agents, vesicants or skin blistering agents, lung irritants, asphyxiants or choking agents. Biological weapons are basically disease causing microorganisms and other replicating entities including viruses, infectious nucleic acids and prions. These agents have ability to infect host and are highly virulent, pathogenic and dangerous in nature. The interface between ammunitions and above agents is soldier whose physical and mental health is affected as enough precautionary measures are not adopted. The reducing environment thus created has various agents which enter into exposed body and lead to mild to serious damage to various vital parts of the human body. As food is important component for survival and intrinsic to basic human nutrition and health, therefore, it is imperative to develop certain kind of a wholesome meal system which can be consumed by the soldiers tasked with combating CBRN situations during such operations. Such meals can be in the form of solid or liquid type and packaged in suitable delivery system, compatible and amenable with the CBRN suit. Food can be contaminated during CBRN conditions by coming in direct or indirect contact with CBRN agents. Therefore, the food materials to be used under such conditions need to be protected in suitable coverings as consumption of contaminated food can be lethal. Designer meal for CBRN environment is not only suitable for soldiers but also to all human interface dealing with similar scenario viz. the low intensity conflicts and surgical operations, nuclear submarines, cosmonauts, pilots, individuals handling radiation equipment and patient undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

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