Personal decontamination system DSAP from Kärcher Futuretech – Fast deployment readiness in emergency situations


Kärcher Futuretech has expanded its product range to include a new flexible solution for personal decontamination. The DSAP (Decontamination System for Ambulatory Persons) is a container-based system capable of decontaminating up to 180 individuals an hour following atomic, biological or chemical incidents. The system even offers sufficient space for treating the injured. It permits flexible configuration, is quickly ready for deployment and is also simple to operate.

Depending on requirements, the system is available in a variety of different versions: The basic container houses three shower lines. The version with four shower lines is capable of decontaminating up to 180 persons every hour. To treat non-ambulatory subjects, two lines can be connected together. Air-supported tents are connected both in front of and behind the container for undressing and undressing and for registration of individuals being treated. The number of tents can be increased to as many as four, simplifying adjustment to country-specific circumstances and creating a private space. Self-decontamination of personnel takes place in additional add-on tents.

A shower arch developed internally at Futuretech regulates the use of water and cleaning agents, minimizing shower time and so guaranteeing an efficient throughput of subjects. A series of clearly illustrated and language-neutral pictograms provides clear guidance through the decontamination steps. The waste water is collected in a collecting trough, and facility is provided for connection of a waste water disposal system.

The individual components such as the tents are safely stowed on pallets. Many parts are already pre-installed to avoid set-up errors and guarantee rapid readiness for deployment. In case if an incident, between four and six individuals can set up and commission the system in less than an hour. Operation is also extremely simple – even untrained personnel can use the system without problems.

tent 1DSAP set up in readiness





Front vietent 2w of the erected system

Decontamination System for Ambulatory Persons DSAP
Length 6058 mm
Width 2438 mm
Height 2438 mm
Shower lines 3
Water temperature +15 to +37 °C


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