Product Profile: Kromek’s D3S wearable RIID Nuclear threat detector

Any radioactive attack, from a dirty bomb or radioactive poisoning, would leave hundreds dead and many more suffering the effects of radiation poisoning. The attack would leave whole neighbourhoods uninhabitable and citizens traumatised, these effects would last for many years and bring a city’s economy to its knees as people and investment stay away. The cost of the clean-up operation, if possible, could stretch to tens of millions. Even if you are not the target for an attack, you may be affected by the smuggling or theft of radioactive material.
The use of a radiological dirty bomb or contamination attack must be stopped before it occurs, because the impact of any attack is too terrible to contemplate. But the ability to protect against such an attack needs new devices and ways of working. You need to be able to monitor whole cities, be alerted to possible issues, have the flexibility to go where the terrorists may go, do so in a way that can be hidden from prying eyes and is difficult to circumvent. 
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