Russian special services warn of possible chemical attack in Moscow


The Russian Security Council has issued a warning about a high degree of the threat of the use of chemical weapons and poisonous substances on the territory of Russia. Assistant Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Alexei Pavlov, said that Russian security agencies take all necessary measures to prevent an attack with the use of weapons of mass destruction that terrorists may use against Russian citizens.

“Repeated incidents of the use of poisonous substances and highly toxic chemicals by international terrorist groups testifies to the growing threat of the use of chemical and toxic substances for terrorist purposes on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the speaker of the Russian Security Council said.

“This raises the issue of preventive measures aimed at identifying, preventing and suppressing terrorists’ access to nuclear, radioactive, chemical and biological materials,” he added.

“Terrorists of such organisations as al-Qaeda and ISIL (banned in Russia) have access to technologies, “recipes,” equipment and substances that enable them to “assemble” a primitive chemical weapon, and special services are aware of that. This, of course, will not be a VX chemical bomb, but a conventional fire extinguisher with sarin, zoman, mustard gas or similar substance may do a lot of harm too,” a high-ranking source at special services told Pravda.Ru. Continue reading.