(February 8, 2016, Elkhart IN) Serim Research announces the immediate availability of its new DISCERN ® HME – The Warrior’s Kit.  This kit is designed for Explosive Ordnance Disposal personnel to quickly and easily identify compounds used to make home-made explosives materials with a one step process and potable water.  The Serim ® Discern ® HME Detection Kit utilizes test strip technology to distinguish compounds commonly used in home-made explosives including ammonium or urea nitrate, peroxides, chlorates and perchlorates.  Our unique dry reagent test strips eliminate the use of hazardous liquids commonly employed in chemistry kit detection tests.  Dry chemical reagents also exhibit a longer shelf-life and can tolerate excursion up to 50 ° C without degradation.  Results are obtained in 60 seconds or less and can be determined visually or by a smart device app (available in March 2016).  This unique kit, is available as both a pocket size pouch and a bulk field kit.  The pocket pouch weighs less than 2 ounces and contains all supplies needed for testing two suspected HME’s plus two tests specific for chlorate detection.  The bulk field kit contains all materials needed for testing a minimum of 25 samples.  Additional materials are available to replenish the field kit.  Complete product information and specifications are available at: www.DiscernHME.com.

Additional information:

Fertilizers are readily available, cheap, and have been used in terrorist incidents all over the globe, as precursors to homemade explosives (HMEs) or as components of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The critical need for specifically identifying the source of explosive materials in the field by EOD personnel is obvious, and has been emphasized by government officials.  The Discern-HME test combines the simplicity of a single use test with a sophisticated colorimetric detection process providing a one-step multiple detection system which will identify and distinguish ammonium nitrate from urea nitrate, as well as oxidizers such as chlorates, bromates, peroxides (hydrogen peroxide, HMTD, TATP) from perchlorates (Tannerite®, flash powder).  The common problem of detecting black powders or Tannerite with colorimetric systems is eliminated with the filter system included in this kit.  A separate chlorate specific test is included to detect chlorates, even in the presence of bromates, peroxides or perchlorates.  All test materials are included in both kit options for testing both liquid and powder samples.

Additional information including pricing is available by contacting Serim Research at 800.542.4670 or sales@DiscernHME.com


Serim Research Corporation is a research, development and manufacturing company that specializes in innovative dry reagent test strip technology:  Technology created and developed at our facility includes colorimetric chemistries, reagent/membrane impregnation, and test strip fabrication. Serim test strips provide the advantages of being able to analyze samples at the point-of-use using a simple procedure that can be performed with little training, no special equipment and avoids the inconvenience of storing, handling, and mixing hazardous liquid reagents.  In business since 1988, our fully integrated Research & Development/Manufacturing Center is a 32,630-square-foot, FDA-registered facility certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

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