Serim Research announces the immediate availability of the Discern® HME app for use with the DISCERN ® HME Detection Kit


The new Discern® HME App was designed to work with the Discern® HME Detection Kit to quickly and easily identify and distinguish compounds used to make home-made explosives materials. This new app electronically analyzes and displays results when testing an unknown sample using the Discern Kit. A picture of results is stored on your iDevice providing documentation for future use. Stored results include date and time and the screenshot feature of your device records test location and allows exporting results. This app is available as a free download through the iTunes store and can be used with iPhones and iPods having an iOS 10 or later operating system.

Additional information:

The Serim ® Discern ® HME Detection Kit utilizes simple test strip technology to distinguish compounds commonly used in home-made explosives. This unique test will specifically identify and distinguish different types of fertilizer based explosives including ammonium nitrate, urea nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate from oxidizers such as peroxides (hydrogen peroxide, HMTD, TATP), chlorates and perchlorates (Tannerite®, flash powder) providing results within 60 seconds.
For kit configurations and complete product information and specifications go to: or contact Serim Research at 800.542.4670 or [email protected]
Serim Research Corporation is a research, development and manufacturing company that specializes in innovative dry reagent test strip technology: Technology created and developed at our facility includes colorimetric chemistries, reagent/membrane impregnation, and test strip fabrication. Serim test strips provide the advantages of being able to analyze samples at the point-of-use using a simple procedure that can be performed with little training, no special equipment and avoids the inconvenience of storing, handling, and mixing hazardous liquid reagents. In business since 1988, our fully integrated Research & Development/Manufacturing Center is located in Elkhart, Indiana.