sharaba1India is faced with myriad threats ranging from conventional war which could lead to use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) at one end and terrorist strikes at the other.  With increased proliferation of CBRN materials and Toxic Chemicals around the world, such toxic threats are looming large not only in India but covers the entire Globe.  Indian industries, in keeping with the ethos of “Make in India” a slogan given by the new Prime Minister of India, have developed some state of the art CBRN Textile Products.

Shiva Texyarn Ltd and Indian Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) through its Laboratory DRDE have jointly fielded a CBRN suit (Permeable) called SHARABA for use by Defence Forces and CBRN Response Forces. Shiva Texyarn Limited is a 25 year old textile manufacturing company in India, with world class capability in spinning, knitting, garmenting, processing and Technical Textile manufacturing. DRDE, Gwalior is the premier Laboratory in India recognized by OPCW.

Composition of CBRN suit

SHARABA is a light weight overall suit specifically designed to meet CBRN challenges to Armed Forces. The CBRN suit offers outstanding protection against chemical warfare agents with optimal operational freedom. It can be further customized to suit Armed Forces or response forces requirements. This suit material consists of three layers of fabric stitched together giving optimal protection of more than 24 hours.

    Outer Shell. 
    Non woven, inherent FR Synthetic Fabric (rip stop design) agent barrier provides protection against vapour, aerosols and liquids. This durable fabric is ideal for sustained duration of battlefield wear and tear of more than six weeks. Antistatic, fire retardant, water and oil repellent treatment protects it from flames, water, oil, radioactive dust particles and harmful bio hazards
  • Middle Layer.  Heart of the suit, consists of high quality Activated Carbon Spheres (ACS) laminated on 100% nonwoven polyamide.  ACS is tested for strength, surface area, evenness and high porosity. To ensure total self sufficiency Shiva Texyarn Ltd has taken ACS Manufacturing ToT from the DRDO and has set up theirown ACS manufacturing plant. As on date this is the only plant capable of producing ACS of a standard required for the latest generation CBRN Permeable Suits in India
  • Inner Layer.  The Inner layer of soft 100% cotton knitted fabric treated and tested for non toxic, non abrasive, anti bacterial and enhanced sweat absorption. Affords greatest user comfort and reduced thermo-physiological stress


The suit is confected under strict quality control in a single overall pattern.  This ensures minimal openings and reduced leak risk.  The suit sleeves and legs have a double protective inner liner with elastic bands to prevent running up while performing field tasks.  Drawstrings and elastics at the neck assist in fitting along the mask grove and at waist help in tight form fitting of the suit.  Velcro bands at cuffs and ankles help seal the extremities.  Ample pockets afford adequate storage space. Suitable patches for identification are provided.  The suit has a handy yet sturdy casualty lifting harness built into the back. Multiple sealing provides foolproof protection.  The suit comes in Form fitting design in varying sizes (S, M, L & XL).


The suit has a storage shelf life of more than 10 years in packed condition.  To ensure shelf life of Sharaba CBRN suit is vacuum packed with multi layered laminated film with a moister absorbent. The whole sealed packet is placed inside a polypropylene box.  The suit can be used effectively in all terrain and climatic conditions with an operational temperature range of +45 OC to – 5OC.


The Sharaba suit has been subjected to the MIST protocol at Proqares, TNO Laboratories, Netherlands as per ASTM F2588-12 and has passed all tests.   The Filter fabric and the Inner liner have been tested at DRDE Gwalior, India and DSTL, Porton Down, UK, and meets MIL DTL 32102A Standards.  The Outer fabric of the SHARABA Suit has been tested at “The Bombay Textile Research Association”, India, and meets all laid down specifications.

Other CBRN Products

The company has developed a number of other CBRN Textile products to meet specific requirements of the Defence Forces and its Clients. These include two Piece CBRN Permeable suit, CBRN Haversack, Shelter Fabric (COLPRO) and De-Contamination Suit /Casualty Bag Fabric. The company can be contacted at