VereMERS Lab-On-Chip for the Detection of MERS-CoV


Singapore, May 21, 2014 –Veredus Laboratories Pte Ltd (“Veredus”), a leading provider of molecular detection tests announced today, amidst international concerns of the spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV), the successful development of VereMERS™, a Lab-on-Chip application that is able to detect, from a sequence perspective, the coronavirus that causes this disease.

VereMERS™ can identify and differentiate the coronavirus that causes MERS by using the STMicroelectronics (“ST”) proprietary Lab-on-Chip platform that integrates two powerful molecular biological applications, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and a microarray. Unlike existing diagnostic methods, VereMERS™ is a breakthrough molecular diagnostic test that can detect infection within two hours and, with high accuracy and sensitivity, providing genetic information of the infection that traditionally could take days to weeks to learn. With its high level of automation, users outside the traditional lab environment can easily perform the tests at the point-of-need.

“We started the design and development of VereMERS as early as October 2012, and by early 2013, we successfully completed a panel that could identify the coronavirus. We have already deployed our chips and system to various customers,” said Dr Rosemary Tan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Veredus. “Once we have verified the efficacy of the tests on human samples, the expectation is to be able to deliver a fast, reliable surveillance system that can be deployed globally to help monitor potential outbreaks. VereMERS will eventually be integrated into a broader respiratory panel which will also include our existing VereFlu assay. ”

“Although the World Health Organisation has not proposed border screening, the agency has called on countries to improve infection prevention and control,” said Professor Tan Ser Kiat, Chairman of the Board of Veredus. “From our experience with the SARS episode here in Singapore, surveillance and screening is the first line of defence in the control and elimination of these types of outbreaks. It is especially important given the upcoming pilgrimages and increased travel to the Middle East.”

To further expand Veredus’ capability and presence into the global bio-surveillance and clinical diagnostic market, Veredus has joined forces with Accuron Technologies Limited (“Accuron”).  Accuron, which is wholly-owned by Temasek Holdings, is the holding company of a precision engineering and technology group. Veredus is now majority-owned by Accuron.

“Accuron and Veredus share the common vision to introduce innovative products and services for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals.  Today, Accuron is a market leader in providing therapeutic products for the urology and medical laser markets.  With Veredus, we look forward to bringing diagnostic solutions to the healthcare community that we serve together,” said Loh Chuk Yam, President and Chief Executive Officer of Accuron.

Veredus’ point-of-need solutions have been developed around the ST Lab-on-Chip platform that today enable numerous innovations in healthcare, ranging from personal and portable to miniaturized and minimally-invasive devices. ST, a minority shareholder in Veredus, has provided Veredus with a license to use its Lab-on-Chip platform.

Pursuant to the new shareholding structure, Veredus acquired assets and capabilities from ST and is currently setting up a production line in Singapore, which will manufacture the biological functionalization of the Lab-on-Chip. “Veredus is expanding its development and manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of our customers and rapidly respond to changing needs such as disease outbreaks,” said Robert Hodges, Chief Operating Officer of Veredus.

About Accuron Technologies Limited

Accuron is a precision engineering and technology group wholly-owned by Temasek Holdings. With core competencies in precision manufacturing, material processing and systems design and integration, the Accuron group serves the aerospace, electronics and medical equipment industries.

About Veredus Laboratories Pte Ltd

Veredus was founded in 2003 and launched its first products in 2005. Veredus specializes in the development, manufacture, and marketing of innovative multiplexed molecular solutions in the clinical, specialty, and custom testing markets based on STMicroelectronics’ proprietary Lab-on-Chip platform. The Lab-on-Chip platform, marketed as the VerePLEXTM biosystem, combines Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) with micro-fluidics to integrate multiplexed DNA amplification with microarray detection for rapid, cost-effective, and accurate analysis of biological materials.

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