VIP GlobalNet and IB Consultancy Partner for NCT CBRNe USA 2017


IB Consultancy is proud to announce that it has agreed to team with VIP GlobalNet, LLC and Advanced Science and Technology Associates (ASTA), the organisers of the Combating Radiological, and Nuclear Threats event series for the organization of the 2017 NCT USA event. VIP GlobalNet and ASTA will independently produce the Radiological and Nuclear portion of the conference, with IB Consultancy producing the Chem Bio and explosives portion of the event. The event will therefore host three separate conferences: CBRNe USA with a focus on Chembio, eXplosive USA, the EOD/C-IED conference and RadNuke, the Radiological and Nuclear conference. Jointly, these conferences will cover all aspects of CBRNe.

With this cooperation, IB Consultancy is strengthening the Radiological and Nuclear component of the NCT USA event. Ilja M. Bonsen, CEO of IB Consultancy comments:”We are very happy to partner with Tony Crego and Bill Pramenko and their well respected Combating Radiological, and Nuclear Threats event series. Together we will be able to support the CBRNe community better!”.

NCT USA will take place 19-21 September in Washington DC. As with all NCT events, active serving US government end-users can register for FREE. You can find more information on